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Reading List

Found one of K.M. Cannon's books and not sure if you've started in the middle of a series or at the beginning? Look no further than this comprehensive reading list.

The Rangers of Walden

K.M. Cannon's first published set of books set in a post-apocalyptic Sudbury with a Western flair that follows Derek Moss and the Withers as they defend their ranch from a warlord bent on taking the region for himself.

  1. Ashes in Winter

  2. A Season of Wolves

  3. The Last Iron Horse

  4. Between Silence and Fire

  5. Ghostwalker

  6. Whispers on the Wind


The Karasa Trilogy

On an Earth where both magic and technology exist beside each other, a balance between the good and evil tips. Entropy and destruction creep into magic and even the laws of science and technology are being twisted and corrupted. Edenni Hearthstone, a dwarven Paladin, and her friends discover an undead threat in a local graveyard... and find themselves swept into the growing conflict.

  1. The Starless Throne

  2. Heart of the Lost

  3. The Tower of Glass

Deer Graphic

Babylon Falling

Ever-inquisitive, the astro-geologist Kiera Hyden is swept into a fight for survival when she and her mentor, Sulevi, crash land on an Earth where civilization has fallen, leaving the rebuilding to scattered city-states ruled by Kings, Queens, and ruthless despots with little to no communication with each other.

Earth from Spaceship
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